Sunday, March 12, 2006

updated pictures of Madison and update on me

I went to moms this weekend to take her to the Dr yesturday and went to see Jimmy, Denise, and Madison today. I cant believe how big Madison has gotten. She is now about 15 pounds. She is talking up a storm, of course its baby talk, but she talks to us,  she also laughs so much. She is teething now, so she is grumpy and drools all the time lol. I love her so much. I have surgery on the 24th of this month. I am very nervous about it.It will be my birthday on Thursday, and I have to work that day. I am also doing volunteer work at the CAC ( Community Action Council) this week for class. CAC is a place low income people can go to get help with rent, utilities, finding a place to live, and stuff like that. Plus each day after I leave there I have to go to work, so this week will be very long for me. It will be like I am working 12-15 hours a day this week.

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