Sunday, March 5, 2006

update pictures of Madison

I have some more pictures of Madison and the puzzle that mom and I put together a few weeks ago, Grandma bought the puzzle after my dad died, so her and mom could put it together when they moved into their condo. This is one thing that mom and I were able to do together, and it really means a lot to each of us. Its strange how things work, the one person who I thought was my worse enemy turns out has always been my best friend. Class is going really good. I am only taking one class this semester, Social Work With groups. Right now we are talking about family, and we are each taking a look into our own lives and our family, This class is really opening my eyes. I can't believe I have been such a inmature pain in the butt. I should have had my but beat more when I was little, I don't know how mom ever kept from beating me, I would have deserved it.

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